Prevent Remodeling Stress

Less Remodeling Stress
Improved Remodeling Lifestyle
Better Remodeling Construction Quality
Better Remodeling Decisions
Save Money Remodeling

We'll Prevent Construction Delays, Over-Paying for your Remodel, and Building Errors

When you hire Renovation Design Group your architect helps make the myriad of remodeling decisions easy and includes them in complete drawings and specifications before the stress of construction delays begins.

When combined with our complete set of drawings and specifications, our bid review service routinely uncovers thousands of dollars of savings. We find missing, incomplete or unnecessary bid items and get them corrected so that you don't overpay for your remodel.

Your architect will stand up for you during construction to help resolve issues, discover problems that you cannot see, and resolve the issue with the contractor. During one site visit, the architect discovered that a footing was poured two feet short which was easily fixed at that point. If the error had not been discovered early, the smaller home would have been worth $16,000 less and would have been much less functional. Our Construction Observation service may save you thousands, but more importantly will resolve errors in order to get your home built to your complete satisfaction.

You can relax, because we've got you covered.

Besides the initial architectural work, my Architect's assistance dealing with the contractor after problems arose during construction was very helpful!” — Susan P.

What was most valuable to me was having a professional monitor the remodeling work - as well, of course, as designing it. I have recommended the firm to two people already and will continue to do so.” — Ann L.

Renovation Design Group was very personable and easy to work with. They were always very professional and quick to respond to our concerns and issue with the City and building permit problems. We love the designs we were given and were impressed with how well the Architect knew what would work with our neighborhood.” — Kris P.

Renovation Design Group kept the project in line with fitting into the neighborhood and keeping the plans flexible enough for unforeseen problems in the renovation . . . the results look fantastic!” — Robert J.

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Less Remodeling StressReduce Your Remodeling Stress

  • Avoid the stress and frustration of:
  • Making decisions under the deadlines of a construction schedule
  • Delaying your renovation
  • Running out of funds because of an inaccurate bid
  • Re-designing during construction to stay within your budget because of an inaccurate bid
  • Finding, documenting, and following up with the contractor to fix construction errors
  • Defending and arguing your position with the contractor

Better Remodeling DecisionsSmarter Remodeling Decisions

  • Get clarity from questions that arise during a thorough analysis of each bid
  • Compare "apples to apples" when selecting your contractor
  • Make financing decisions based on complete and accurate bids
  • Avoid making hasty decisions under the stress of construction schedule constraints

Improved Remodeling LifestyleSave Money

  • When we help you make decisions before construction begins you avoid paying extra money because of construction delays
  • Our services result in accurate bids from competent contractors and helps you avoid paying additional financing fees
  • Avoid contractor scams, by using the most competent contractors
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